Applied technology, to optimize critical processes of a company.

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Companies must ensure greater efficiency in their processes, because they optimize time and increase the economic results of the course of business.

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About Us

In APC we work to provide management and financing solutions. Since there is not always only one solution to a problem, each service rendered by APC is tailored to solve your specific problems and to meet your special needs.

We work hard to be a consulting company leader in providing management solutions by using all the available technological tools.

Today, business processes must be more efficient in order to reduce time and increase profits. APC plays a significant role in an important part of this chain by finding the best solution for your company, testing it and implementing it.

As the new economy demands the re-designing of traditional processes, we approach your operations with flexibility and experience in order to optimize your productivity.


APC, Administrative Processing Center, was born thanks to the innovative spirit of a group of companies and the leadership of persons committed to a universally revolutionary project in foreign trade.

This project was initiated in 1998 with the following aims:

  • To centralize in only one organization the services needed by foreign trade operators.
  • To benefit the Customers and Users with new services.
  • To reduce time and costs.
  • To extend operating hours.
  • To set up a bank branch in our facilities.
  • To overcome the service models in use at that moment.

The vision of APC™s founders was to go beyond the operators™ expectations and to become the only organization with whom they will choose to work with, due to our efficient processes, transparency, ethical values and the real reduction of costs achieved.

These values are strong enough to make companies which constantly compete against each other to associate themselves with the common aim of optimizing their own processes, thus constituting a network which enables them to obtain several unlimited benefits and high added value. Taking part is essential.

During 1999, this project became real, the first agreements were entered into and a date of birth was set for the company: mid-year 2000.


  • 1
    Front desk registration
    Registration of users and persons authorized to make transactions. Check by telephone the charges to be paid.
  • 2
    Customized Service
    The transaction is generated with an identification number and a deposit slip/document receipt is issued to make it easily traceable.
  • 3
    To finish the transaction, a deposit slip is issued at the Customized Service Area.
  • 4
    Document delivery
    With the deposit slip/document receipt, documentation is delivered in a sealed envelope together with all transaction receipts.


Knowing and using our services will help you to stay and grow in the market.

Maritime Agencies

Port Terminals


Administrative Processing Center.


Tools to stay and grow in the marking.

APC solutions work to provide administrative and financial management. Since there are no two identical answers, each APC service is designed to solve the problem and specifically addresses the need raised by the contractor.



  • Invoicing and Collection
  • Supplier Payment
  • Current Accounts Follow up
  • Payroll Administration
  • Assessment and Payment of taxes and social security contributions
  • Personnel Files Maintenance
  • General Accounting
  • Cost Analysis




Maritime Agencies - Logistics Companies - Port Terminals - Freight Forwarders

  • Collection of freight charges and expenses.
  • Issuance of authorizations to deliver containers.
  • Delivery of original B/L.
  • Collection of demurrage charges.
  • Centralization of Letters of Guaranty.
  • Daily detailed report of issued receipts.
  • Financial information of collections carried out.
  • Daily transfer of securities/cash credited in accounts.
  • Periodic delivery of receipts issued at the Customer’s request.
  • Bank branch located in APC facilities.
  • Multiple payments made with only one instrument.
  • Register of time spent in the facilities.
  • Transactions made by personnel autorized by user.


Freight Forwarders - Custom Brokers - Importers - Exporters

  • Current operation hours and extensive service schedule to make transactions and payments in our facilities.
  • Multiple payments made with only one instrument.
  • Time register of transactions.



  • Evaluation, analysis and development of projects.
  • Re-engineering process.
  • System Development and Implementation.
  • Web site design.
  • Design of interactive forms.
  • New technologies applied to processes.
  • In-House auditing.



Port Vehicular Transit Control


The PVTC is the tool used by APC with the need to optimize the ordering and the efficiency of the logistics service in ports, facilitating the task of each of the actors in foreign trade.

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Argentine Protected Transport


The Argentine Protected Transport is designed by APC, in conjunction with the firm Bureau Veritas, first line insurers, consultants in insurance, the camera's terminals at the port of Buenos Aires and the Chamber of importers of the Argentine Republic (CIRA). It protects the heritage of importers, exporters, carriers and legitimate holders of containers, to potential claims resulting from the use of the equipment.

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General & Management

President Marcelo Mosciaro


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Customized Service

Finance & Accounting

Manager Jimena Savarte

Assistant Mariela Rosende


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Human Resources

Manager Ana Dahinten

Assistant Sonia A. Flores


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Operations & Systems

Manager Esteban H. Mazzoli


Agustina Gentile

Marcelo Lizzo


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